I’ve added screencaps from last night’s episode of The Originals. What did you think of last night’s episode? I thought it was great.

The Originals – 02×01 Screencaps

I’ve added some missing photos to the gallery that are all related to The Originals in someway. Enjoy.

The Originals – Season 2: Solo Promotional Images
2014 CW’s Comic Con Q&A Interview – [watch] | [watch]
2014 TCA Party – CW Interview

I added a couple new photos of Leah to the gallery. One is a magazine scan from October’s issue of SFX and the other is a new season 2 cast promotional promo from The Originals. Enjoy.

• 001 x SFX Magazine
• 001 x The Originals: Season 2 Cast Promotional Images

Leah attended iHeartRadio last night with Phoebe Tonkin and Adelaide Kane. She looked beautiful as always. Check out some photos of her at the event.
2014 iHeartRadio Event

I’ve finished adding all the missing episode screencaps of The Originals. Be sure to check them out here.

Check out new spoilers from season 2 of The Originals.

When Season 2 picks up – on a full moon – the Guerrera werewolves “have taken control of the French Quarter,” executive producer Michael Narducci reveals. A grieving Klaus will put all his focus into destroying the threat “to quite catastrophic effect.” Meanwhile, Cami won’t be keeping her distance from the self-destructive Original despite his orders. “They certainly start off in a place where Cami is seeing someone else. Yet, she feels a responsibility [to help Klaus] because she knows she has a connection to this guy – when she speaks, he listens.” As for baby Hope’s mama, newbie hybrid Hayley will get “defensive” and “angry” as she wonders “if [Elijah's] ability to look down on vampires translates to her,” Narducci previews. “Hayley’s new status will force them to have some interesting conversations about what this means for their future.” And as Hayley adapts to her new life, Elijah’s “decision on what to do to help her is going to be a bit surprising.”

BONUS SPOILER | The Originals could be headed back to Mystic Falls. “There’s an interesting possibility for some flashback stuff,” Narducci teases. “Remember, that’s where the Original family was – in ancient Mystic Falls.”

I’ve added screencaps of Leah’s television appearance Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which I absolutely loved. Check them out.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles: 02×04 Screencaps
Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles: 02×07 Screencaps

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I’ve begun to add the missing episode screencaps from The Originals. Keep checking back for more.

The Originals: 01×10 Screencaps
The Originals: 01×16 Screencaps
The Originals: 01×17 Screencaps