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I’ve added a bunch of missing interview screencaps from the end of 2014 and added them to the site. You can check them out below. I will be working on getting The Originals screencaps up to date and then continue on to her recent appearances. Please check back.

2014: I Heart Radio Interview
2014: Hollywood Wire Interview
2014: Seat 42F Interview
The Originals: CW Westinator
The Originals: CW Date with Leah

I’ve added photos of Leah’s recent appearances including last nights Golden Globes Season Celebration. I will be getting The Originals gallery updated soon. Enjoy!

2014 Golden Globes Season Celebration
2014 Peoples Ones Watch Event
2014 Vevo Superfan Fest

Wedding Dress Sketch

Like many brides, actress Leah Pipes had some trouble narrowing down what style wedding gown she wanted for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé AJ Trauth.

“I was having a hard time finding the right dress, because I wanted a little bit of everything,” the star, who plays Cami on the CW show The Originals, tells PEOPLE. “I wanted funky. I wanted drama. I wanted modern. But I also wanted to look bridal.”

With her mixed vision, Pipes decided to go the custom route, teaming up with wedding dress designer Anne Barge, who created a unique A-line design (see the sketch above) featuring eye-catching beading and capped sleeves.

“I wanted a dress that I could have fun in,” she shares. “I felt like ivory lace was too serious for me. So I went with sparkle and chiffon. I think this dress captures all of those things beautifully. I couldn’t be happier.”

Now that she has the dress box checked, Pipes, 26, says she’s really read to just let loose at the party.

“The goal of my wedding is for everyone to have fun,” she says. “Neither my fiancé nor I take ourselves too seriously and we want our wedding to reflect our lightheartedness. With that said, we’re having our wedding at an old classic hotel so my dress needed to be formal enough to fit into that venue, but not so formal it felt stuffy.”

And of course can’t wait to marry the person who “brings out the best” in her.

“I have spent a decade of my life dating,” she says. “I am thrilled about never going on another bad date for the rest of my life. I’m also so excited to learn and grow with the person I respect most in this world.”

I’ve added screencaps of Leah from this week’s episode. Enjoy.

The Originals 02×05 Screencaps

I’ve added screencaps of Leah from this past week’s episode of The Originals. Check them out below.

The Originals 02×04 – Screencaps

I’ve added screencaps from last night’s episode of The Originals. What did you think of last night’s episode? I thought it was great.

The Originals – 02×01 Screencaps

I’ve added some missing photos to the gallery that are all related to The Originals in someway. Enjoy.

The Originals – Season 2: Solo Promotional Images
2014 CW’s Comic Con Q&A Interview – [watch] | [watch]
2014 TCA Party – CW Interview

I added a couple new photos of Leah to the gallery. One is a magazine scan from October’s issue of SFX and the other is a new season 2 cast promotional promo from The Originals. Enjoy.

• 001 x SFX Magazine
• 001 x The Originals: Season 2 Cast Promotional Images

Leah attended iHeartRadio last night with Phoebe Tonkin and Adelaide Kane. She looked beautiful as always. Check out some photos of her at the event.
2014 iHeartRadio Event